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As the Orthodox Easter is later this year, it gives our guests arriving for the first week of the season an opportunity to experience the most important event in the orthodox calendar.

Holy Week or Megali Evthomatha starts on Monday April 17 and continues until Easter Monday, 24 April.

Services are held every day from Wednesday 19 but the main event is on Easter Saturday, 22 April.

The resurrection is celebrated at all churches and you will see virtually the whole village attend in full Sunday best. Just before midnight.

All lights will be extinguished to allow Christ\'s body to travel through the underworld, then, at the stroke of midnight, the village priest will appear chanting afto to fos (this is the light).

The priest then passes the light to the nearest worshipper (all the congregation will have a candle). Once they receive the light you will hear Kristos Anesti (Christ is risen).

The entire congregation receives the light and you will see a candlelight parade stretching through the village as they return home.

It is considered lucky to reach home with your candle still alight!

There follows 24 hours of eating and drinking.

Many people fast for the 40 days of lent and the final week is a very strict fast, no meat or even olive oil!

On returning from church a soup of egg and served with fried, chopped liver and kalitsounia, spinach and goats cheese wrapped in filo pastry and fried topped with sesame seeds.

Every family spit roasts a whole goat or lamb on Easter Sunday.

Nothing is wasted, even the intestines, liver, lungs, lights and kidneys are packed with herbs and roasted to form a huge kebab called kokoretsi the wine flows freely and dont be surprised if you are invited to join in the celebrations.

You may find local bars and taverns keep music very low until after midnight.

This is the law and a mark of respect so try to observe local customs.If you want to go along to the service I may well join you. But ladies remember no bare shoulders or arms and gents, no shorts please.

Ask me for more information Kalo Paska (happy Easter).

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