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Shopping information

Opening Hours:
Most stores open around 8am and close from 1-5pm, reopening until 8 or 9 pm.

Stores are closed on Sunday during the winter. Hours vary considerably but during the summer season many shops selling souvenirs and other tourist items are open 7 days a week.

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Wild Flowers

Crete hosts more species of wild flower than the whole of the europian Isles, including around 150 endemic plants.

Without doubt the best time to see the profusion of flowers is in the month of May.

Some of the flowers are linked to mythology, such as the scarlet buttercups.

According to legend, Smyrna’s son, Adonis, was so dangerously handsome, Aphrodite sealed him in a chest and placed him under the guard of Persephone, Queen of the underworld.

Curiosity got the better of her and Persephone opened the chest and immediately took Adonis as her lover.

Aphrodite was not amused and fought with Persephone until the muse, Calliope, ruled that Adonis should spend a third of the year with each of the two Godesses and a third alone.

Persephone discovered that Aphrodite had persuaded Adonis to spend his own third with her! Persephone told Ares, Aphrodite jealous lover, who in a wild rage turned himself into a wild boar and tore Adonis limb from limb.

It is said wherever the blood of Adonis fell, the tiny scarlet buttercups sprang up, forever after called adonis;

The modern name for the buttercups is Adonis microcarpa and they can be found in abundance among the roman ruins at Aptera above Megalo Chorafia, just east of Chania. This site is also home to bryony, giant fennel, scarlet pimpernel and wild orchids.

At Stalos, among the sand dunes you can find sea daffodils and sedge;

If you take the road to Omalos, you can see Dracunculus vulgaris, a triffid like plant with an aubergine coloured velvet tongue wrapped around a glistening black rod up to one foot long! On the Omalos plateau itself you can discover mauve anemones with paper-like petals and the odd pink and yellow wild tulip.

Moving above the Samaria Gorge to the climbing hut at Kallergi, follow a lined path to view more wild crocus and mauve aubretia.

At this time of year many of the roadside views sport fields of yellow and red poppies.

If your are lucky enough to be holidaying in the spring months, dont miss the opportunity to discover these unique and beautiful wild flowers and experience the natural beauty of Greece

Hotel phone numbers in Platanias area

AGAPI 0030-2821-068106

AMARYLLIS 0030-2821-057806

ANNA-MARIA 0030-2821-068217

ANTHIMOS C  0030-2821-038120 

ARCHIPELAGOS C  0030-2821-068017 

ARIADNE BEACHC  0030-2821-068863 

BLUE SEA APTSPROIMOS2*  0030-2821-068142 

CALDERA BAY I 2*  0030-2821-036600 

CALDERA BAY II 2*  0030-2821-036600 

CASA CAMARA C  0030-2821-060742/3 

CASA MARIAC  0030-2821-060742/3 

CASTLE SUITES I2*  0030-2821-068583 

CASTLE SUITES II2*  0030-2821-044585 

CASTLE SUITES III2*  0030-2821-068583 

DESPINAC  0030-2821-068807 

DIMITRIS1*  0030-2821-068379 

ELISSO VILLAGE2*  0030-2821-060930 

ERATOC  0030-2821-068824 

ERMISC  0030-2821-060101 

EVROPI2*  0030-2821-060519 

FILOXENIA2*  0030-2821-068502 

GERANIOTIS BEACH3*  0030-2821-068681/2 


GIASSEMOCHORI LYDIAC  0030-2821-068060 

GIASSEMOCHORI MYRIAC  0030-2821-068060

GIASSEMOCHORI OLEAC  0030-2821-068060 

INDIGO MARE2*  0030-2821-068156 

INDIGO VILLAGE2*  0030-2821-068156 

KALAFATAKIS2*  0030-2821-068532 

KALLIAC  0030-2821-060280/2 

KRONOSC  0030-2821-068630/2 

LAMBRINOS2*  0030-2821-083770 

LOLA1*  0030-2821-068345  

MARIKA2*  0030-2821-068811 

MARILIANA2*  0030-2821-038046 

MARYC  0030-2821-060770 

MEDUSA1*  0030-2821-042171 

MELINA BEACHC  0030-2821-060727 

MENIA2*  0030-2821-038068 

MINOA PALACE5*  0030-2821-036500 

MYLOS LITTLE PALACE2*  0030-2821-060528 

MYTHOSC  0030-2821-060864 

PLATANIAS MAREC  0030-2821-060526 

RANIA2*  0030-2821-068532 

RITAB  0030-2821-060280/2 

SANTA ELENAB  0030-2821-068767 

SOFIA BEACHC  0030-2821-060823 

SUN RISE VILLAGEC  0030-2821-083638 

SUNSET2*  0030-2821-060022 

TOXO3*  0030-2821-083752 

VAROUXAKIS2*  0030-2821-068760 

VILLA PLATANIASC  0030-2821-048333

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