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Tourism Police exists

The Tourism Police is an integral part of the Hellenic Police, consisting of men and women especially trained and competent to offer tourists information and help, whenever they have any problems.

Some Helpful Hints


Alphabet                        The first two letters of the Greek language, alpha – vita………..
Best  Buys                      Include jewellery, furs, leather goods, ceramics, lace and other hand made goods.


Churches                        Mainly Orthodox but there are some Catholic churches.
Drachma                         The former monetary unit of Greece. Now in Euro zone.
Exploring                        We offer you a wide range of guided tours. Alternatively, hire a car and discover Krete.
Flags                               On many beaches to show the sea conditions for your safety whilst bathing.
Gorges                            Add some real adventure to your holiday by walking down Samaria gorge.
Heraklion                       The capital of the island, encircled by venetian walls, worth a visit during your stay.
Insects                           To keep mosquitoes at bay you can buy repellant lotion or electric machines with tablets to change each night, available from supermarkets.

Jewellery One of the best buys and very unusual designs gold here is usually 14 or 18 carat.

Please try not to lose yours. Some hotels and apartments owners charge for replacements. Losses Or thefts must be reported to the local police within 24 hours.

Please inform your representative.

Medical matters Chemists are easily recognised by the sign of the red cross above the door.

Newspapers Europian newspapers are available from some kiosks and bookshops.

They are the previous days papers.

O.T.E Telephone boxes, phone-card operated. You can buy phone cards at most supermarkets for 1000 dr.- Telephone office found in each main town.

Post Post boxes are yellow.

Stamps are available from post offices and souveneir shops and cost 170 dr. Queues Unfortunately they tend not to exist in Greece so just push and shove with the locals.

Representative Will give you the best advice about your area. She will visit your accommodation on a regular basis.

Shops In major towns they are open Monday to Saturday, 8.30 & 13.30, also 17.00; 20.00 on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Toilet paper The Greeks may have had one of the most advanced civilizations in years gone by but they have not yet mastered the art of plumbing.

Please do not throw paper down the toilet as it will cause a blockage. U.V. Rays The sun in Crete is very strong and its power can be deceiving due to the lovely breeze.

Always use a good sun cream. Voltage 220 ac, a continental plug or adaptor can be found at some supermarkets.

Water Generally speaking the tap water is safe to drink. Bottled mineral water can be found in the supermarkets.

X. Changing money At banks . Open Monday to Friday 8.00 dash 14.00. Also at post offices and exchange bureau.

Dont forget your passport.

Yiasou The Greek for hallo and goodbye. Z eus King of the gods who was born on Crete


To make your stay in your accommodation as relaxing as possible, the following hints may help you to avoid the problems that occasionally occur

Greek plumbing: Although the Minoans introduced the first flushing toilet to the world some 3000 year ago the Greeks have failed to capitalise class \"MsoNormal\" on their early advantage and the Greek plumbing of today has improved little over the centuries.

However, most plumbing problems are minor and easily rectified.

You are requested and advised not to flush toilet tissue and other items down the toilet as blockages are easily caused and you may be inconvenienced whilst a plumber is called.

Please remember to use the bin provided which will be emptied by your cleaner. water: The water in most accommodations is heated by the sun through solar panels. Subsequently it will not be hot very early in the mornings or late at night.

Crete's Tourist TV Channel
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