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A couple of decades ago, the Greek girls in particular, used to marry extremely young, usually mid teens, to a man 10 or 15 years their senior.

However, in recent years this habit has changed as more girls and boys are graduating to university and taking more professional jobs.

The wedding service.

The church is decorated with flowers and ribbons.

The groom waits on the steps of the church with his bride’s flowers, together with his best man (koumbaros), his parents and his wife\'s parents.

The bride arrives wearing a white gown and veil, in beautifully decorated car with the horn blowing.

The groom kisses her, handing her flowers, kissed his father in law hand and his mother in low cheek.

They enter the church together and stand in front of the altar with a tray of sugared almonds and a bible on the table in front of them.

The sugared almonds represent fertility.

The whole service is conducted in ancient Greek.

The priest takes two coronets, joined by a piece of ribbon.

And puts them on the heads of the bride and groom.

The best man and woman cross hands, take hold of the coronets and cross them three times.

The rings are placed on their hands and the old tradition was for the groom to stamp on his wife\'s foot as a sign of obedience.

I am told if the bride complained the groom had every right to refuse to marry her!!!

The couple follows the priest around the table, he carries the bible, preceded by the children who carry beautifully decorated candles, paid for by the best man or woman. They are to represent something for the house.

After the ceremony the couple stand back from the table and the guest file past either kissing them or shaking their hands.

As the guests leave they are each given a gift, sugared almonds specially decorated.

Everyone gets into their cars and drive in a procession blowing their horns. The couple and their families will then visit a photographer.

Usually a party follows with much eating and drinking, with up to as many as 500 guests and finally the happy couple head for home.

The bride is dropped on her new bed which has been specially prepared the night before with lace sheets

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